April 17, 2024
Featured Ford Tuning

Efficient Ways to Upgrade a Ford Mustang

Modern Ford Mustangs and Mustangs of the past are designed well. However, if you want to take one to the next level, this mustang mods guide will help you get started. Better Lights There are seven ways to upgrade a Mustang’s lighting. You could replace The fog lights The tail lights The headlights The puddle

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Featured Mercedes Tuning

Black and Gold Mercedes-AMG G63 – Tuning by Brabus

The refined new Brabus Black and Gold Mercedes AMG G63 is a special variant model thrilled and enthusiast with styled and toned wider body by Brabus with numerous carbon elements and 23inch Brabus Monoblock Y hi-tech forged gold-painted wheels to contrast with black color gives it a sporty, elegant and superior look to catch and

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Nissan Tuning

Japan tunes a Nissan Leaf and an e-NV200

In the Japanese culture, specifically cartoons and TV series, big robots, or meccha, are quite the common sight. In fact, their obsession with giant robots is so big, rumors have risen they are actually building a combat ready mega robot. But that is not what we want to talk about. We want to speak about

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Bentley Luxury Cars Tuning

A Bentley Continental GT signed up for drag racing

When we talk about drag racing, we usually think about slick, slender vehicles, with massive rear wheels, low weight and many horses under the hood. Now, when we speak about a Bentley Continental GT, we don’t exactly picture it as a dragster, mainly because it weighs as much as my neighbor’s house. And yet, one

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Toyota Tuning Videos

Kuhl Racing Toyota Prius

There are a few vehicles out there that just beg to be tuned, both aesthetically and performance wise, vehicles like a BMW M3. Then again, we have machines like the Toyota Prius, which most tuners wouldn’t touch for several reasons. Not only is the hybrid drive-train a pain to work with and improve performance, but

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Lamborghini Supercars Tuning

Lamborghini Aventador by Novitec Torado

If you thought that Lamborghini Aventador was awesome, take a look at its next frontier, Novitec Torado! Tuning passionate must already be familiarized with Novitec name, a tuning house widely popular for its ambitious projects. Wondering what they have been doing lately, it turns out that they took a Lamborghini Aventador and put some crazy

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Subaru BRZ is Fast and Furious material

Yes, I’m aware it is a sports car. I’m also very fond of the fact that it gets praise for its handling throughout every review it got. However, it is the same car that seems to be lacking in power. There may be 200 horsepower under its bonnet but the torque is missing. This has

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Ferrari Tuning

Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano – Tuning by Kahn Design

The British tuner Kahn Design don’t forgotten the famous exotic Ferrari model, namely Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano, so were thought to give it a bit of life by adding a clean design. Kahn Design have modified this car starting with the front front and rear bumper, giving a new line this stunning Ferrari. In addition,

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Tuning VW

Volkswagen Golf GTI by BBM Motorsport

So what if tuning doesn’t want to be something grown up? What if the boy racer wants to have a car that suits his style, regardless of the badge it originally comes with? We gasp while he contacts BBM Motorsport tuning, a company that will hook him up with the following stuff for his Volkswagen

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Ford Tuning

Superchips puts the moves on Ford Focus 1.0

British performance tuner Superchips is well known for tweaking various engines but unlike most such tunes, they don’t focus on high end stuff. Superchips offer tuning packages for what most of us would refer to as under-powered cars. Which makes it easy to understand why they chose this car to go with now. It’s the

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Volvo S60 Polestar Performance Concept unveiled

The Swedish at Volvo have decided to take a swing at the BMW M3’s sheer leadership of the small sports sedan market. Their fighter is called the Volvo S60 Polestar. At the moment it’s still a concept and there are plenty of things to sort out before there’s even a chance of it entering production

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Maserati Tuning

Maserati Quattroporte gets full tuning package from CDC Performance

The Italians are hard at work and cracking on with the 2014 Maserati Quattroporte supersports sedan. Meanwhile in the real world, we’re hearing something about tuning. German tuner CDC International formed a new division called CDC Performance and they’ve given the current generation of the Quattroporte a full makeover. This is the sort of stuff

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Volvo V40’s Heico Sportiv Tune is teased

There’s not that much coverage coming in from the Leipzing Motor Show or Auto Mobil International and we’d think it’s because everything there is dreary. I’d love to say that’s not the case but given how one of the highlights of the event was the Volvo V40 that Heico Sportiv tuned up. Actually, we don’t

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Scion Tuning

Scion FR-S Speedster by Cartel Customs introduced

Toyota-Subaru-Scion’s new sports car is the highlight of fun, thrills and schoolgirl giggles from automotive reviewers all together. This is what’s been going on so far and it’s getting rather faded. What seems to be the trend at the moment with the Toyobaru coupe is tuning kits. What better opportunity to unveil some new tuning

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Vorsteiner announces V-GT package for 2012 Porsche 911

American tuner Vorsteiner announced that they plan to get in on the 2012 Porsche 911 action. They plan to do so with what they’re calling the V-GT package. The tuner wants to focus on the hottest version of the moment, the Carrera S spec of the 2012 Porsche 911. It would only seem natural to

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Project Kahn has a go at the Porsche Panamera

Infamous British tuner Project Kahn has dared to step out of its Range Rover comfort zone and tackle a different sort of car and even manufacturer altogether. The Brits have taken on what’s pretty much unanimously regarded as one of the least good looking vehicles on the market today, the Porsche Panamera. That German super

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Roush sharpens up Ford F-150 pickup

Roush is the sort of tuner that you pretty much naturally associate with Ford and their sporty models like the Mustang or, a long time ago, the GT supercar. With that in mind, when they announce some tweaking of one Blue Oval product it’s not that big a deal or surprise. This announcement however is

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Mercedes Tuning

FAB Design tunes up Mercedes E Class Convertible

FAB Design is a Swiss tuner that was not very inspired in selecting a name for itself but, happily, is more inspired when ti comes to actually tuning cars. Their latest creation is a special makeover of the Mercedes E Class Convertible which implies a considerable amount of modifications, not all of which are easily

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Toyota Tuning

Toyota’s IQ gets hit with the tuning hammer

For all the criticism that can come along side a new car, little of it has been as filled with hate as the one manifested as for the Toyota IQ. The small hatchback 3+1 is loaded with ingenius solutions for downsizing yet it doesn’t make any difference. The Toyota IQ has more haters than a

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Porsche Tuning

Caractere Exclusive kits up the Porsche Cayenne II

Porsche’s newest iteration of the Cayenne SUV is bumping sales for the company to completely new levels and, in doing so, they’re creating a serious problem. Nobody wants to spend a serious amount of money on a Porsche Cayenne and then end up having exactly the same sort of car as the neighbors. Calling up

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