April 19, 2024

Australia: This Is the Brand-New 2017 Mercedes-Benz V 220

There is no doubt that Mercedes-Benz builds one of the best cars in the auto industry today, and even if I`m not much of a fan, I have to admit I have seen plenty of high-end and impressive models lately. One of them is the long-expected 2017 Mercedes-Benz V220, an exceptional van with exceptional characteristics

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Renault Videos

Video Highlights All-New Renault TRAFIC SpaceClass

Cannes Film Festival was a strange yet the perfect opportunity for Renault to unveil its latest van, the all-new TRAFIC SpaceClass, an exquisite model which can be highlighted in the video below. We usually associate special events with unveiling special and exotic supercars, but Renault took advantage of the famous film festival and revealed one

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UK: 2017 Volkswagen Crafter Van Launched with Prices and Specs

Volkswagen has recently announced the availability of the all-new 2017 Crafter full-sized van in the United Kingdom, the model coming in three versions, starting this April. The Crafter range comprises three level trims – the base Startline (£23,920), the mid-level Trendline (£25,270), as well as the top of the line Highline (£29,220). Each one comes

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2017 Nissan NV Cargo / Passenger Vans – Full Prices Released

Nissan vans are real kickers in the United States especially, with the latest kids on the block to receive the Best Commercial Van Warranty and being considered the “best-in-class power and torque” vans. We are talking here about the all-new 2017 Nissan NV Cargon and Passenger, both vans coming with an exquisite design and impressive

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Mercedes Tuning

Mercedes Citan gets singled out by KTW Tuning

We don’t see them on the road that often. Oh no wait, they’re actually everywhere on the roads. There’s tons of vans everywhere, even if not this one. The Mercedes Citan has just barely entered production and will only be available starting next year but the guys at KTW Tuning reckon it will sell big.

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Nissan NV400 Released

Nissan recently unveiled a larger addition to its existing van fleet in the shape of its new NV400. Bearing the distinctive look of a Nissan van, the NV400 has been developed through collaboration with Alliance partner Renault and is part of Nissan’s ambitious plan to double their share of the European LCV market in just

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Citroen unveils Tubik van Concept

The retro craze is by no measure dying out. It seems like it’s about to heat up once again thanks to a duel between VW and Citroen. With the Germans rekindling their love for a dried out Volkswagen Bulli Concept that may eventually end up in production, the French comeback with their new van Concept.

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Tuning VW

MR Car Design enhance Volkswagen’s T5 Transporter

One of MR Car Design’s employees must have had a very boring day on the school run or a picnic in the company of a VW T5 Transporter. As a result of the sort of frustration you get with a miniature bus, the tuners turned it into the opposite concept, an over-sized sports car.

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Bentley Luxury Cars Porsche

Rumor on Porsche and Bentley

Don’t you just love it? Not even on Black Friday is somebody to busy to come up with an interesting rumor. This time, there’s word going round that Porsche and Bentley could end up working together.

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