June 16, 2024

Tesla plans to launch an SUV in 2014

2012 Tesla Model S Sedan

One of the most charismatic manufacturers to emerge in recent years has sent their CEO, Elon Musk, forward to the public with a very important announcement.

2012 Tesla Model S Sedan
2012 Tesla Model S Sedan

The Americans over at Tesla are planning to stick to their strategy of producing electricity powered cars that do what what most EVs can’t really manage.

After coming up with the Tesla Roadster to prove the world that electric cars can run with the fastest of the sports cars the company now plans to introduce an SUV model.

The new Tesla SUV will be introduced by 2014 and will be based on the company’s Adaptable Common Platform that can be found in the Tesla Model S Sedan.

The announcement came in at the press conference held by Tesla when they opened up their California factory. At the same opening, the Tesla CEO announced that the Model S Sedan will hit the market by 2012 and that the SUV already has a name picked out. The 2014 Tesla SUV will be called the Tesla Model X.

The prediction for 2014 is, by Musk’s own admission a pretty optimist one as while the sedan Model S has a functional prototype, the Tesla Model X SUV isn’t yet at that stage.

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