June 16, 2024

The rally version of Skoda Fabia unveiled

Skoda Fabia R2 is the new rally version of the Czech manufacturer, a model based on the current Fabia, as you probably already guessed. People from Skoda teamed up with Impromat Car in order to build the new Fabia R2, a competition model which already received FIA’s homologation.

Skoda Fabia R2
Skoda Fabia R2

Coming at a price of over €60,000, Skoda Fabia R2 is a rally model fitted with a 1.6-liter gasoline engine developing 177 horsepower and 194 Nm of torque. The naturally aspirated engine comes together with a five-speed sequential transmission developed by the French specialists from Sadev.

Alongside the 1.6-liter gasoline unit developing a decent amount of horsepower, the new Fabia R2 benefits from other improved components worth of a rally model.

Skoda Fabia R2
Skoda Fabia R2

From these we can note the the special Sadev transmission, a new revised chassis optimized for the competitions but also an improved suspension which fits better the new usage of the model. As we said above, the Czech rally model has a price of about €60,000 and is ready to enter any competition as the vehicle already received the green light from FIA.

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