June 18, 2024
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Tokyo Auto Salon: Honda’s star will be a CR-Z concept

Honda CR-Z TS-1X

Let’s take a break from the norm, let’s momentarily forget there’s a Detroit Motor Show going on. Let’s consider another motor show just for the fun of it.

Honda CR-Z TS-1X
Honda CR-Z TS-1X

The target of choice should be the Tokyo Auto Salon. At this particular event, Honda will show off its CR-Z TS-1X concept.

And if you think this name is weird, wait till you find out the full name this car has: Honda CR-Z Tesutosutadimoderu TS-1X.

Underneath the ludicrously Japanese branding there’s not much to see, really. This is basically a typical Honda CR-Z with some sort of crazy ricing going on. There are new wheels, painted in some sort of matte black/grey that just clashes with the yellow brake calipers.

There’s a totally new body kit that has a set of visual changes that are “challenging” to say the least. I wouldn’t call it ugly, but I do think that the new body kit and the same dark paint as on the wheels is pretty much a disaster against the Honda CR-Z.

Honda CR-Z Concept
Honda CR-Z Concept

For now there is no information available on the technical side of the Honda CR-Z TS-1X but enthusiasts are hoping that it can redeem itself with a K20 engine underneath to make the CR-Z the dreamboat it always should have been.

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