July 20, 2024

Toyota announces 20 million units sold in Europe

After about 50 years since the Japanese manufacturer entered the European market, a very important record was just set. Toyota proudly announces that no less than 20 million units where sold in Europe. The Japanese manufacturer managed to celebrate the event in Madrid, where the 20.000.000th vehicle, a Toyota Verso, was handed to the Spanish customer.


Good to know that back in 2000 Toyota boasted with 10 million units sold but after just 10 years the figures doubled. Everyting would be perfect but only if, indeed, we forget the massive recall that the Japanese manufacturer was forced to do, we don’t have to remind this as I think everyone knows the situation that Toyota passed.

The Japanese manufacturer also claims through Miguel Fonseca, the vicepresident of Toyota Europe, that this new record set in Europe shows the fidelity and confidence of the customers and in this regard Toyota will continue to develop new and innovative models.

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