April 22, 2024

Toyota Tundra pickup selected for space shuttle tow

Toyota Tundra tows Endeavor

Toyota Pickups are special. They really are. Despite not selling that great in the United States and not being the most efficient cars out there, they do have their selling points.

Top Gear, a car show that specializes in supercars, explosions and improbable races, loves them. And then there’s everybody living anywhere inhospitable.

Toyota Tundra tows Endeavor
Toyota Tundra tows Endeavor

Ranging from Iceland to Australia, the Toyota pickup is the preferred workhorse. For this one opportunity however, it may be a bit of a pushover mule.

Somebody at NASA is full of great ideas. While not everybody is thrilled with the fact that the Endeavor space shuttle is being retired, some are to take comfort in the conditions.

Unlike some sad events in the history of technology, the Endeavor will not rot away in an open cemetery. It will be put on display for all the world to see.

Toyota Tundra tows Endeavor
Toyota Tundra tows Endeavor

The shuttle will be moved from LAX airport on city streets to the Science Center, marking a distance of 12 miles. Of these, something else will take care of proceedings for most of the route.

The Toyota Tundra pickup will be stepping in for the last 1/4 mile of the run. It’s not a long distance but it’s still amazing.

Let’s not forget that the Tundra, even with it’s most capable 5.7 liter V8 engine only has some 10.000 pounds worth of towing capacity.

Toyota Tundra tows Endeavor
Toyota Tundra tows Endeavor

It will have to manage the 300.000 lbs of the Endeavor shuttle as well as the weight of the special trailer it will be on.

Should be something worth watching. If not for the success for the desire to see clutch smoke pouring out.

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