April 15, 2024
Mercedes Tuning

Tuning package for SLS 63 AMG


Mercedes SLS 63 AMG received another tuning package, this time from German specialists, Kicherer. As always, Kicherer’s designers have developed a package very subtle, which offers a look similar to the models out of the Mercedes-Benz factory, but with increased aggression.

Tuners from Kicherer have presented the first images of their tuning package for Mercedes-Benz SLS 63 AMG. The Germans made only a aesthetic kit and a set of 20-inch wheels, and also a stainless steel exhaust system. Thus, SLS 63 AMG will have a close look at the standard, but more aggressive, as I said.

Kicherer aesthetic kit for SLS 63 AMG contains a inferior lip for the front spoiler, air intake on the roof and rear air speaker. Car’s grid is available on silver, as well as a discreet gold shade and gives a nice appearance. Supercar’s interior from Mercedes-Benz is the same, no modifications were made by Kicherer. Kicherer’s engineers have developed and modified engine package, but they will be offered initially only on request.


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