June 21, 2024
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Unraveling Opulence: 2024 Genesis G90 Review

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The world of opulence in the luxury sedan is dominated by one-off models such as the latest Mercedes-Benz S-Class and the 7-Series from BMW. However, Hyundai`s luxury arm Genesis, aims to change all that with the introduction of the H90 in its latest form. In this article, we will delve into the opulent world of the high-end 2024 Genesis G90 while exploring the lavish interior, exquisite exterior, high-tech gizmos, and much more, and see if it is fit to stand as the credible rival of the established German 7-Series.

Exterior Elegance – A Subtle Charm

In the world of luxury sedans, the way a car looks is of utmost importance. The 2024 Genesis G90 in its long wheelbase version demands attention. With its 5.5m length and 1.9m width, it stands shoulder to shoulder with the BMW 7 Series and the Mercedes S Class. The G90 strikes a balance between captivating allure and refined elegance, opting for an understated design approach compared to its competitors, and creating a vehicle that emanates sophistication without compromising on charisma.

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Interior Haven – A Symphony of Luxury

As soon as you step inside the new G90, the emphasis on luxury becomes immediately evident. Exclusively available as a four-seater, the rear cabin steals the spotlight by offering comfort to that of a Rolls Royce. The inviting semi-aniline leather massage seats allow you to recline and relax while even featuring a footrest for added indulgence. The G90 exudes opulence and provides an interior space that speaks volumes about its aspiration for luxury.

The quality of materials throughout the cabin is commendable although it falls short of reaching the pinnacle set by the BMW 7-Series. Rear passengers are treated to screens for entertainment purposes, along with tastefully curated ambient lighting; they also have control over fragrance settings.

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However, it does not offer the cinema-style display that its German counterpart provides, which highlights the differences that set this category apart.

Technological Symphony – A Perfect Blend

In the world of high-tech luxury sedans, the 2024 G90 presents a combination of user controls and a designed infotainment system. Up-front, the driver is not overwhelmed with too many screens like the 7-Series, as Genesis takes a button approach providing physical controls for essential functions. However, the central infotainment system is easy to use and falls behind in terms of sophistication compared to what BMW and Mercedes offer.

The G90 introduces augmented reality in a way by displays navigation directions overlaid on a camera view of the road. This innovative feature represents a fusion of technology and practicality positioning the G90 as a contender in the tech-driven luxury sedan market.

On the Road – Prioritizing Comfort over Cornering

When it comes to exciting journeys on the roads, the 2024 Genesis G90 truly excels in delivering a level of comfort. The multi-chamber self-leveling air suspension transforms every ride into an experience as it gracefully absorbs bumps on the road. Additionally, thanks to noise cancellation from its 23-speaker Bang & Olufsen audio system, tranquility reigns inside the cabin.

However, when tackling corners and bends on roads it becomes clear that comfort takes precedence over engagement, for the G90. Weighing in at 2,470kg the sedan handles well with the help of rear steering that adds a bit of agility.

Underneath the Hood – Powerful, But Not Quite Powerful Enough

Propelling the 2024 G90 is a 3.5-liter twin-turbo V6 engine that produces 409bhp and 405 lb-ft of torque. While these numbers may seem impressive on paper, the substantial weight of the sedan dampens the excitement of acceleration. The inclusion of a 48v system with an electric supercharger improves torque delivery but falls short of delivering an exceptionally rapid experience.

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The Price Tag for Luxury – Genesis G90`s Competitive Edge

The G90 positions itself as a contender in the luxury sedan market starting at €115,000 for the short-wheelbase version and €125,000 for the long-wheelbase model. Unlike its positioning as a budget-friendly alternative, Genesis now aims to directly compete with esteemed models, like the BMW 7 Series (€115,700) and Mercedes S Class (€112,000). The pricing demands that G90 lives up to its claim of providing “the ultimate Genesis experience.”

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