February 29, 2024
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2024 All-New Mercedes E-Class: A Comprehensive Review

2024 Mercedes Benz E Class 6

Setting New Benchmarks in Comfort and Technology

Mercedes-Benz, known for its automobiles and innovative advancements, has again pushed boundaries with the latest iteration of the E-Class. With comfort, cutting-edge technology, and an interior that reflects the elegance of its S-Class counterpart, the fifth-generation E-Class showcases Mercedes’s steadfast dedication to excellence. In this review, we will explore the car`s main highlights concerning technology, exquisite design, performance, and the distinct allure it brings to the car segment.

2024 Mercedes Benz E Class 21

A Technological Marvel – The Infotainment System

The most standout feature of the latest E-Class undeniably lies in its state-of-the-art infotainment system. Mercedes proudly presents it as one of their offerings to date, a claim that holds true. The 12.3-inch digital instrument cluster with the 14.4-inch central display aptly named Superscreen, creates a truly futuristic cockpit environment. Making its debut here is the MBUX (Mercedes Benz User Experience) infotainment system originally designed for next-generation vehicles. And that is a system that even outshines what is found in its sibling mode, the S-Class.

2024 Mercedes Benz E Class 8

Mercedes has truly outdone themselves with their fun hi-tech features. One of the standout features is a camera lens that faces the people inside the car allowing for selfies or even video calls when parked. The voice recognition system is also incredibly advanced and is able to understand commands and adjust settings based on the driver’s preferences. Let’s not forget about the 4D audio first introduced in the S-Class, which takes immersion to a new level by sending bass and rhythm through the seats for an incredibly engaging experience.

Engine Lineup

Mercedes doesn’t disappoint in this era of electrification. Every powertrain option available in the latest E-Class comes with some form of electrification whether it’s technology or plug-in hybrid systems. The hybrid engines provide a refined driving experience that prioritizes comfort over pure excitement. For those who frequently drive distances on highways, there are diesel models like the E 220 d and E 450 d 4MATIC. Although they do produce noticeable engine noise during intense acceleration they produce a real sense of power when pushing the pedal to the metal.

2024 Mercedes Benz E Class 7

Perhaps stealing the spotlight is the plug-in E 300 e, which boasts an impressive electric-only range of 68 to 71 miles in its sedan version.

The fuel efficiency numbers are quite impressive, with the E 300 e achieving a rating of 470.4mpg and emitting 12g/km of CO2. While it may be difficult to achieve these figures in real-world driving conditions, they clearly demonstrate Mercedes’s dedication to friendly driving.

Comfort – A Genuine Mercedes Experience

Mercedes has always prioritized a driving experience and the newest E-Class upholds this tradition. Whether you opt for the air suspension or not, the 2024 E-Class delivers a ride even on rough road surfaces. The longer wheelbase enhances stability allowing the car to effortlessly handle bumps while maintaining its composure at high speeds.

2024 Mercedes Benz E Class 5

The steering is responsive and well balanced minimizing any body roll. While it may not provide the sporty feel as competitors like the BMW 5-Series on winding roads, the E-Class truly excels at offering a comfortable journey, especially on highways.

Elegant Interior – A Glimpse into Tomorrow

Step inside the E Class and you’ll be welcomed by an interior that exudes luxury similar to that of the S-Class. High-quality materials, impeccable design, and hints of technology define this cabin space. The seats provide support and the motorized vents add a touch of elegance. However, there is an abundance of technology in trims too, like the AMG Line Premium Plus, which might feel a bit overwhelming and potentially take up some cabin space.

2024 Mercedes Benz E Class 13

The introduction of ‘4D’ audio, previously seen in the S-Class enhances the experience. Creates a more immersive atmosphere. However, passengers sitting in the seats might find it a little cramped. Although the interior design looks visually stunning, it may not appeal to those who prefer a more spacious ambiance.

Practicality & Boot Space – Striking a Balance

The 2024 E-Class manages to strike a balance when it comes to practicality. While the extended wheelbase doesn’t necessarily result in an abundance of space, its 540-litre boot capacity for PHEV models stands out and surpasses competitors in the executive saloon segment. However, choosing PHEV versions means sacrificing some boot space as it accommodates the electric motor and battery, resulting in a capacity of 370 liters. This reduction may be seen as a drawback for individuals who prioritize cargo capacity.

2024 Mercedes Benz E Class 14

Safety – A Commitment to Excellence

When it comes to safety, the new 2024 E-Class truly stands out. It has achieved a five-star rating in Euro NCAP crash tests. And that is thanks to the wide range of safety assistance systems. These include features like emergency braking, collision warning, blind spot assist, and a ‘Pre-safe Plus’ – “a system that detects if there is a risk of rear-end impact and warns drivers behind by activating the rear hazard warning lights and prepares occupants for impact by activating the seat belt tensioners”.  All these work together to ensure a safe driving experience.

2024 Mercedes Benz E Class 4

Final Thoughts – A Symbol of Elegance and Innovation

The new 2024 Mercedes-Benz E-Class is a representation of elegance, advanced technology, and a focus on comfort. It solidifies its position as an emblem of excellence. Although some may find the interior design slightly busy and question the range in real-world conditions, the E-Class remains a strong competitor in the executive car market segment. As we witness changes in the automotive industry landscape, Mercedes continues to set standards with their latest E-Class being a testament to their dedication towards driving future luxury and innovation.

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