April 12, 2024
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VIDEO: Jeep Rebuilt in Under 4 Minutes by Military Team

There is a clip on YouTube that has attracted a lot of attention recently, about a team of military men dismantling and then putting back together an army Jeep and all this in under four minutes (although if you really look at it, they do it in even less). In case you didn’t get the chance to see it for yourself, take a look at the link bellow.

Jeep Rebuilt in Under 4 Minutes

Now, we don’t know about you, but that was some serious team work and synchronization right there. And we thought the Formula 1 mechanics were fast… Well, there is the time needed to train for such a feat, it must have been months and months of work, but if you happen to own such a Jeep, a team of such men would be rather handy to have around the house.

This is to show that the military isn’t only good at throwing bombs, going to war and the rest of the blood and guts thing. But most importantly, we think the clip shows the team work needed in order to pull off such a feat.

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  • george mcray October 16, 2010

    looks ok but why don’t jeep realise that they are losing thousands of sales because the patriot is just too low!

    not just for off-road use but also the general look of the vehicle

    please jeep raise the patriot by 2″ just like you did with the ‘extreme patriot’ by mopar

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