April 12, 2024
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Video: Learn How to Customize Your Bentley with Mulliner`s Accessories

Mulliner division used to be a custom coachbuilder for Rolls-Royce, stationed in Hythe Road, UK, and dealing with heavy customizations for the luxury carmaker, but in 1991, the company was closed and was soon commissioned by Bentley, building custom parts for the company.

And the video below is a fine example of how refined a Bentley model can become in the hands of technicians from Mulliner, it is a form of art that could make everybody bow their heads in sign of respect.

Also, in case you own a Bentley and want to change everything – and by that I literally mean everything- Mulliner has every piece ready to be installed on your car.

Whatever you want, Mulliner has it all, from a wide range of exterior colors and accents in different shades, to exclusive accessories inside, with tens of leather upholsteries to choose from, personalized clocks courtesy of Breitling, refrigerators, stitch patterns, picnic baskets, and many, many more with those.

The video called “A World of Mulliner Possibilities” also teaches you how to fit the best components to complement a different type of exterior color, or how to choose between the tens of leather and colors available.

It is up to you and your preferences, but even so, Mulliner can deliver their best services! So sit tight, grab a cup of coffee and let your imagination go wild while watching the video below. If you liked it, just go ahead and tell us what Melliner doesn’t like but you would like! Enjoy!

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