July 17, 2024
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Video: Mercedes AMG GT R Makes an Astonishing Impression at the Ring

I have to admit that the Mercedes AMG GT R sports car is a real beast, especially if one eye-witnessed it while performing some impressive testing on the Ring.

The Mercedes AMG GT R was last seen wearing the green body wrap, and wasn’t much of a sight for some petrol heads who expected more from the car. Now, these geeks have the chance of seeing it on full throttle while wearing a smashing black color.

And what a beast it is on the track with the extremely wide body kit, complemented by the large grilles and massive alloy wheels. Not to mention the performance it packs under the hood. But judging by the video below, we won`t be needing any extra info on the car…or will we?

I can`t help it and have to add some technical and design details…I mean, it is by far the perfect model that Mercedes-Benz has ever created. It is indeed the epiphany of the German engineering.

It has all it needs to become one of the fastest sports cars on the roads today. Built for strength, coming with extreme aerodynamics and sheer performance under the hood, this GT R is here to stay forever.

One of the most impressive highlights include the wide front and rear wings for wider tracks, new front fascia with active elements, custom rear fascia with double diffuser, 20-inch lightweight ten-spoke alloy wheels, adding other important mechanical bits.

We are looking here at a nine-way adjustable traction control system, rear-axle limited-slip differential, active rear-wheel steering, adjustable coil-over suspension and more. Not to mention the massive V8 twin-turbo engine, producing a staggering 585 horsepower and 700 Nm of torque. The result is what you get in the video below!

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