May 22, 2024
McLaren Tuning

Volcano Orange McLaren P1 Is Up for Grabs in Netherlands

There are a lot of supercars today that are available for sale at incredible prices, which may not actually justify the costs involve if something goes wrong.

Or, instead spending millions and millions of dollars on a brand-new supercar and more recently, a hypercar, you should start looking for professional help in finding the best that fits your style.

For instance, my style would be this exquisite McLaren P1 all wrapped in the exotic Volcano Orange, and up for grabs on James Edition in Elsloo, Netherlands. This one seems to be in a pristine condition and judging by the history sheet, it is worth paying a whole $1,9 million.

It comes with just 19,100 km on board and looks smashing with the exotic wrap, the one used on the original P1 concept, unveiled in 2013.

The Volcano Orange is complemented with the carbon fiber elements on the front fascia, doors, side skirts, rear diffuser, wing mirrors, engine cover and rear wing.

Not to mention the exquisite interior with brown leather, Alcantara on the seats and door panels, or the chassis plaque with the P1`s 134 number of limited 375 ever produced.

Considering that this particular model comes with rather a high mileage – considering that it is a supercar, it is indeed a high mileage – would you pay $1.9 million to have it at your door? After all, if you take into account that the former owner has been taken well-care of it, it still is an impressive supercar. Otherwise, for a brand new, you would have spent around $3 million or even more, depending on the styling packages available.

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