May 20, 2024

Volkswagen Electric Concept Heads to 2016 CES

We are not sure if the “diesel scandal” have led to a swift in the company`s future strategy, but we do know that the German Volkswagen manufacturer is reconsidering its marketing, planning to become full-electric with a future model, presented at the 2016 CES.

Herbert Diess, chairman of the board of management for Volkswagen Passenger Car, has recently discussed its future strategies with chief executive of the Consumer Technology Association Gary Shapiro, who stated:

“CES is a celebration of diverse ideas. Our stage is open to those who bring innovation and can showcase how technology is changing the world, at times open even to those who bring controversy. When we agreed to a Volkswagen keynote earlier this year we, along with the world, did not know much about emissions testing, but after talking with Dr. Diess I felt the CES audience would be interested in his vision and curious about his plans for a new type of sustainable car. Now, VW has an opportunity at CES to show the world its designs for the future and how the company views electric mobility and sustainability.”

The same Herbert Diess mentioned that the future Volkswagen electric concept will ”illustrate the synergy between the Internet of Things and the automotive industry.”

There are no facts of what the Volkswagen electric concept will bring fresh at the 2016 CES, but we are definitely convinced that it would come with the latest technologies concerning autonomous driving. Stay tuned for updated info!

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