April 23, 2024
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Volvo S60 sets sights on BMW M3

Volvo S60

Volvo the Swedish guys you can’t say a sentence about without using the word safety (damn, did it again) are looking into a bit of a change of pace.

It seems that their recent efforts with race cars, official tuning partnerships and sporty packages were simply a test of the market.

Volvo S60
Volvo S60

There’s a new announcement from Volvo in which they claim that they’re teaming up with Polestar, once again, to make a sports sedan.

The new sedan will be based on the Volvo S60 and it will be targeting the benchmark model of the market, the BMW M3.

This isn’t the first time they’ve tried to do so as several years back, Volvo were making the S60RR. It was nowhere near a match for the speed of the M3.

Volvo S60
Volvo S60

Even so, it was an excellent car. It had less power but it was much more usable, it was much more comfortable and it came with a brilliant interior.

Still, as a performance or motoring enthusiast car it never really managed to hit the top mark. Maybe this time round it will.

My optimism isn’t the only thing the future hot Volvo S60 has going for it. The fact that Polestar will be involved in the S60RR followup means there’s some serious motorsport heritage.

Volvo S60
Volvo S60

The Swedish magazine that unfolded the story, believes there’s quite the engine to be found under the bonnet of the new S60 sports sedan.

It’s the 4.4 liter aluminum V8 that powers the XC90, but more importantly, it’s the same engine that can produce up to 650hp in Noble twin-turbocharged form.

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