April 16, 2024

Volvo to attack the Chinese market, new plants on their way

The Swedish people from Volvo recently stated at an event held in Beijing that they are looking forward to build new factories in China and to become a stately rival for other big manufacturers on the market. According to the first details a new Volvo plant will be built in Chengdu, a factory which most probably will start its activity in 2013 and will build 100,000 vehicles every year.

Volvo China
Volvo China

Moreover, another plant is likely to be build in Daqing but in this case there is not very sure that this will happen considering the early state of the plans.

From the same information released by the Swedish from Volvo at the Chinese event we find that the headquarters of Volvo’s Chinese department will be at Shanghai. Last year Volvo managed to sell about 30,000 units in China but they plan to reach 200,000 units sold every year on the Chinese market by 2015.

Volvo China
Volvo China

In conclusion, Volvo wants to expand and vary their range for the Chinese market in the following years but they underlined that the investment that will be made in China will not affect their activity in Europe.

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