July 20, 2024

Volvo will make spring driving more enjoyable

Volvo XC 60 Interior

We all know spring can bring along a lot of pleasantries compared to the harsh and cold winter. These smiling sensations are ever more important to motorists as there’s no more ice and snow to worry about or stuff like that.

Volvo XC 60 Interior
Volvo XC 60 Interior

For quite a few though spring can be a very annoying time as this season brings up lots and lots of allergenic issues due to pollen and other microorganisms that crop up in the spring.

Happily now, Volvo has announced that they will be equipping their cars with a special treat for the millions of drivers that have to get along with a running nose, sneezing or itchy eyes.

The Swedish automaker will equip most of its cars with micro-filtration systems that are claimed to capture the particles that cause seasonal allergies and in order to help out these systems to their job there’s also an automatic ventilation system that flushes the interior air when the doors are unlocked.

Volvo representatives have stated that these systems will see housing in the S60, S80, V70, XC60,  and the XC70 so most of the models in the range. Another benefit against allergies for any future Volvo owner can be found in the extreme attention to detail when the hypo-allergenic materials used for the interior are concerned.

Great stuff, sort of makes you want to live in your Volvo at all times. Well at least through most of the spring anyway.

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