April 15, 2024

VW electric cars and their batteries

Volkswagen e-up!

As electricity has proven itself as the alternative to internal combustion engines and most major manufacturers have taken a leap towards this technology, most of it’s available applications imply batteries.

Volkswagen e-up!
Volkswagen e-up!

Volkswagen, a company that is a bit behind in this field has announced that it will soon produce such a vehicle, most likely we’re talking about a car based on the e-up! concept car.

As with any concepts, there are still quirks that lie between what designers and engineers originally came up with and what analysts and managers have to say about costs and production when that concept is to be turned into a mass produced vehicle. Amongst the first issues with any electric cars that go through this process is the selection of proper batteries to power it along.

VW has already discussed battery deals with BYD, Sanyo Electric and Toshiba but somehow these negotiations didn’t quite cut the bill as the German manufacturer has announced that they are still looking for battery suppliers.

Their list of picks has just been elongated by a couple of names; the Bosch-Samsung joint venture and LG Chem.

According to Volkswagen representatives, they will not rush into the selection of a proper collaborator as the batteries that will go into the e-up! will be one of its most important components and therefore will be properly verified and tested for current issues and will have to boast some features that will have the vehicle be competitive in the future as well.

Volkswagen e-up! Volkswagen e-up! Volkswagen e-up!

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