April 12, 2024

VW Golf, the best selling car in Europe in September

Volkswagen VI
Volkswagen Golf VI is the best selling car in Europe in September. Top of these models is complemented by the Ford Fiesta and Opel Corsa. Jato Dynamics published the ranking of the best selling cars in Europe in September. On the first place is situated the sixth generation of Volkswagen Golf.

Europeans have bought in the last month 59,552 units of the German model. Second place of this ranking is occupied by Ford Fiesta, with a total of 51,291 sold cars, and on the last position of the ranking is for Opel Corsa, with 38,947 units. Analysts from Jato Dynamics says that this sales increase is due the national programs of fleet renewal.

With the elimination of these government programs to boost fleet renewal is possible to record decreases in sales. David Di Girolamo, director of Jato Consult, says that the analysts will supervise the car market more closely to see if the return in car sector is for a long time.

Volkswagen VIVolkswagen VIVolkswagen VI

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