May 22, 2024
Chevrolet Videos

Woman performs nice burnout while trying to escape the Police

Do you remember the driver of the Honda Civic trying to make a burnout tied to a concrete block? He actually failed and his car caught fire, the crowd trying to stop the fire by throwing their beer doses in the fire.

Woman trying to escape the cops
Woman trying to escape the cops

This time, a woman behind the steering wheel of a Chevrolet Camaro managed to make a burnout that would make even the Honda Civic driver jealous. Her car didn’t caught fire but she managed to ram police’s car why she was struggling to run. At the end of the video after the woman calmed down a bit a second police car arrived and pulled her out of the car.

Meanwhile the other drivers avoided the zone as there was a danger of collision with the woman’s car. They tried to turn back but a part of them failed which can be funny but also worrying to see this kind of people runing the streets.

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