April 24, 2024
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World Premiere: Vauxhall Lifetime Warranty


All producs that we buy and which are destined for longer use have a warranty of some kind, and cars are no different. Though they differ by each car manufacturer (for example, KIA offers a seven year warranty), the most common is a one year warranty, combined with a certain mileage and the warranty expires when one or the other is reached. This is ok for people that drive a lot, but what if you only use it for short distances, like going to work? The year passes and then the warranty goes away. Here comes Vauxhall with a premiere perk for you.


Vauxhall decided to offer a lifetime warranty or a 100,000 miles. So if you’re in the above scenario, your car will be covered for years to come. No other producer has come up with such a daring feature for the UK market. The only thing is that you must be the first owner of the vehicle, but there are plans to include the option of buying the Vauxhall Limited Warranty.

According to Vauxhall, all future models will be included in this warranty so this is not a temporary thing. Maybe we will see a change in the industry thanks to this.

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