Top ways to save money in the New Year

The beginning of 2012 is upon us and New Year’s resolutions are soon to be forgotten like the knitted jumper your Nan so neatly wrapped and stuffed under the Christmas tree a month ago. Cutting back and saving the pennies is usually top of the list at the beginning of the year, but is also [...]

Guide to Motor Insurance

With motor insurance, knowledge is key when trying to decide which insurance company to choose, how much coverage you need, what your state regulations are and what a fair price is. The following tips and information could prove useful the next time you’re shopping for motor insurance. If you choose only one type of coverage [...]

Insuring multiple vehicles

On the hunt for multiple insurance deals? It sounds stressful to us, and it’s probably a nightmare for you, as insuring multiple cars with different companies all at once can not only be incredibly time-consuming, but can also be extremely expensive. However, insuring them on a multiple-car deal with a single insurer is the perfect [...]

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