Lexus Unveils New LF-NX turbo

Lexus Introduces New LF-NX Turbo Car enthusiasts are anxiously awaiting the reveal of the new LF-NX Turbo. The public’s first glimpse of the vehicles will occur at the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show. Still, there are some details that have already been leaked to reporters and media outlets, with the news only heightening the anticipation for [...]

The Importance of Checking your Insurance excess if renting a Van this bank holiday

Thinking about renting a Van this upcoming May bank holiday to help you get on with those DIY jobs around the house you have been putting off until the long weekend? Then it is important that you are clued up about your insurance excess, research has shown that if caution is not exercised van hirers [...]

How smartphones will integrate with cars

Advances in telecommunications have been perhaps the most influential aspect of technological development in the western world over the previous century, and the rate of change shows no sign of abating. Our work and home lives have been revolutionised by sophisticated mobile devices, and in this article we will see how these gadgets are predicted [...]

5 Ways You Can Benefit by Shopping for New Car Insurance UK Today

5 Questions to Ask Before You Buy UK Car Insurance

How Can You Find the Best Car Insurance Deals?

5 UK Car Insurance Discounts You May Not Be Taking Advantage Of Today

Who wants to pay more for their UK car insurance policy than they need to? You may be fully aware that car insurance will minimise your risk for financial liability and loss after an accident, a vehicle theft and other unfortunate and unforeseeable events. However, you also know that you have to live within a [...]

Guidelines For Insuring Your Vehicle

Whether one is insuring their vehicle for the first time of they have been driving for years, finding the best car insurance can sometimes present itself as a daunting task.

The Best Ways of Finding a Great Car Insurance Deal

Car insurance is a fantastic way to invest in the future of your vehicle by offering a great deal of protection and giving you peace of mind. However, it can also be an incredibly expensive purchase that leaves you struggling financially more than you would have otherwise. Fortunately, there are a variety of ways in [...]

Guide on Finding Car Insurance Online

The internet has made information so freely accessible to the general public; with a bit of research and a few clicks, it is possible to find information on whatever topic you may be searching for, and getting information about car insurance is no exception. What is a little more difficult however, is trawling through the [...]

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