Replica Wheels vs. Factory Wheels

Replacing the wheels on your vehicle comes with a major decision: Should you go for factory wheels or replica wheels? There is no easy, right-or-wrong answer, as both types of wheel replacements come in low-quality and high-quality versions. You’ll also find strong camps supporting – and opposing – both sides, fueling the flames with truths, [...]

How much of your identity should your car give away?

Car license plates could soon be inviting other drivers for a chat You don’t need to be a petrol head to feel a sense of attachment or sentimentality to your car. The colour chosen, the brand, the shape and even the nicknames that are given to cars can often say something about its driver’s identity [...]

Spray Paint Booth Maintenance and Cleaning

Good Bye Koenigsegg One:1, Welcome SP-200 SIN by PSC Motors!

The newly released SP-200 SIN supercar by PSC Motors division has made quite an impression over the web for the last couple of days, and now we have the impressive model revealed in first images. We are talking about a really furious supercar. We are actually looking here at the most powerful road-legal model, way [...]

Job Openings for Truckers

At the present moment in time, there is a serious shortage of individuals employed in the truck driving industry. Although it’s not a job that would appeal to everyone, this shortage would seem to be particularly severe. Truck-driving, especially of the long-haul variety, is a craft that has a unique set of challenges, and because [...]

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