How to Make Sure You’re Getting the Best Deal on a New Car

Buying a new car can be a major family decision, which is why it’s very important to do your research before visiting a car dealer. That way, you have a good chance of getting the best price for the vehicle of your choice. Luckily, the internet offers loads of resources that allow you to get [...]

A car guy’s dream, all the right parts, in all the right places!

Ever wished you could find a part easily and efficiently? Now you can because Standard Motor Products has launched SMP Parts App a new mobile App that makes finding and buying all the right parts as easy as pushing a few buttons on your mobile phone or tablet. Not only can you access all of [...]

Safety in F1 – How has it improved?

Few things are more thrilling than watching as a Formula One car accelerates down the track at over three hundred kilometers per hour. This is with the possible exception of actually having the opportunity to drive one of the cars down the track. Despite the obvious thrill of watching or driving in a Formula One [...]

Massive Highway Accident 193-vehicle pileup on I-94, Michigan USA

Along with this year`s first significant snowfall, a lot of car crashes and accidents occured on the roads and highways in Michigan, United States, some of them having as a result, significant casualties and damages. It is also the case of the Interstate 94 highway which connects Kalamazoo and Battle Creek, where a chain reaction [...]

Elf, a solar velomobile, introduced

Just to clear things from the get go, a velomobile is basically a car powered by pedaling, a sort of a hybrid between a car and a bicycle. A recent such velomobile is called Elf, and has a lot to offer for all those eco-friendly people out there. Built from aircraft grade aluminium, stainless steel [...]

Polaris teases the Slingshot, which will come July 27th

Polaris is not what you’d call a big player in the automotive industry, but rather more of a specialized manufacturer. And the latest news concerning them is related to a new model they call the Slingshot. Right now, we don’t really know that much about the Slingshot, but if we were to judge from the [...]

Sharp come up with IGZO display

The age when the center dashboard of a car was comprised by many buttons and dials and maybe even some gauges is over. Most new cars (premium ones at least) come with a center display and either a simple controller or touch screen. This makes it easier for drivers to control the plethora of features [...]

Carice break surface with the electric Mk1

Right now, the car market has reached such a level, that if you were to go out and buy a new car, you would have at least three choices no matter your region or the vehicle type. So how does a manufacturer enter a market that is so obviously saturated by various brands? We don’t [...]

Video: Tushek TS 600 Supercar Goes Public

The Tushek & Spigel automaker has just pulled the wraps of its supercar Tushek TS 600 in a video, at the 2014 Top Marques Monaco event, taking place these days. The promo video with the Tushek TS 600 supercar gives us an idea on the power and driving experience that the model will be having [...]

NHTSA wants to impose updated tire aging regulations

As we all know, the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) is the entity responsible for both a lot of good and also a lot of frustration. Overall, I believe they are working towards a safer driving environment, even if at times they seem out to get certain categories of drivers or a particular car [...]

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