How to Sell a Junk Car

Factors to Consider before selling your Junk Car? Depending on your experience and knowledge, it can be difficult to sell a used car and be sure you are getting a fair deal. However, there are so many people who are readily available to buy your car at a good price so there isn’t any real [...]

Cars 3 movie green lighted

When it was first released, the Cars movie became an instant success, combining the great animation and humor of Pixar with the experience of Disney. Then came Cars 2, which clung on to the laurels of the firs movie, but eventually making it on its own. Unfortunately, as with pretty much every successful movie, a [...]

European Car Market sees 6.1% Year on Growth

If there were ever any concerns surrounding the current state of the European car market, analysts need not worry anymore.

Rezvani Motors teases their Beast

Rezvani Motors is a company that is basically unknown on the market, an entity that has yet to be extensively evaluated. So, when they came out and promised to deliver a supercar to end all supercars, we were a little skeptic, despite the obvious effort they put in naming it. That doesn’t mean that the [...]

First fully 3D printed car to be produced at IMTS

I still remember a certain awareness campaign that wanted to outline the fact that downloading illegal files is equal to stealing. One add had a particular line saying “You wouldn’t download a car.” Naturally, the reaction was fast, and the most popular response was “I would if I could”. Well, it seems that the day [...]

2014 Geneva: Quant e-Sportlimousine – Technology at Its Peak

The Quant e-Sportlimousine displayed for the first time at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show is a concept car that promises a lot of technology advancements in terms of battery that powers the electric drivetrain inside that futuristic body. The “flow battery” is manufactured by nanoFLOWCELL AG from Liechtenstein, which uses tanks of negatively and positively [...]

Schumacher still under

It has been some time since F1 champ Michael Schumacher sustained a life threatening injury after his head hit a rock during a skiing trip. Rushed to the hospital, an artificial coma was induced while doctors performed needed treatments. Ever since his injury, the hospital and the family of the legend has been flooded with [...]

Saudi Arabia makes public road drifting a criminal offense

Drifting is a very entertaining way to let a vehicle unfurl its capabilities, and can be fun to both watch and try out. But while doing it in a controlled environment (like a track), there are a few out there that just must show off on public roads. In Saudi Arabia this is a problem [...]

Anti-speeding campaign advertisement

I will admit that on more than just one occasion I have pressed the accelerator pedal a bit too far, as I am sure most drivers did. And while I may present different motivation for this, fact remains that increased speed also means an increased risk. Accidents caused by speeding have been on the rise [...]

More news on Paul Walker’s death

It seems that the former actor’s tragedy just can’t be laid to rest, with more details emerging slowly. The latest of such comes from the autopsy report, and things just take a more gloomy aspect. According to mentioned report, Paul Walker and the driver, Roger Rodas, were traveling in the Porsche Carrera GT at an [...]

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