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It is true that the alloy wheels were changed, but only in the pursuit of lowering unsprung weight and of improved brake cooling.

The brakes are going to require to a much more demanding level since the performance of this car was seriously taken up a notch.

Nissan GT-R by Jotech Motorsports

Nissan GT-R by Jotech Motorsports

That already impressive 3.8 liter twin-turbo V6 gets upgrades with the fuel injectors, new iridium spark plugs and dual fuel pumps.

On top of that there’s a new set aluminium air intakes, K&N air filters and a HKS stainless steel exhaust. The combination produces up to 570 horsepower… at the wheels.

Running E85 (which the ECU allows for without any hitches) will produce 600 horsepower at the wheels. Given how transmission and drivetrain losses work, that translates into about 735 horsepower from the engine’s crank.

Nissan GT-R by Jotech Motorsports

Nissan GT-R by Jotech Motorsports

Jotech Motorsports has quite the holiday spirit. The tuner will only charge $10.250 for the conversion package. That’s such a decent proposal.

You will also have the opportunity to buy any of the components individually, depending on what you might feel is or isn’t redundant.

Seriously, can their offer get any better? It’s like a Christmas and New Year’s miracle all rolled up into one.