May 20, 2024

Nissan GT-R by Jotech Motorsports

A step before we enter 2013, Jotech Motorsport have announced that their work with the Nissan GT-R is ready to meet the world. The vehicle was custom built for a Brazilian customer who, thankfully, is not a very big fan of the Fast and the Furious. The exterior of the car remains unaltered with no

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Hyundai’s customer loyalty seriously improves

My anti-trend body is really not enjoying praising the Koreans but they are really on a roll these days. After Hyundai-Kia took the European market away from Toyota we find that the rest of their customers aren’t very far away from it.

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Aston Martin Tuning

Edo Competition turns Aston Martin DB9 to DBS

The Aston Martin DB9 was never the sort of car aimed at people with poor credit rating but then the DBS appeared and had such a hefty bump in price tag that it scared away lots of wealthy people. Even so, the car sold as quickly as the British could make it but from reading

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Mercedes Tuning

Brabus Stealth 65

It seems that the tuning scene is as always, completely crazy and the craziest of all tuning companies is still Brabus. Not only do they build some insane supercars using Mercedes cars as bases but now they just built a supercar to outclass their last supercar, the Brabus Vanish.

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Toyota halts sales of the Lexus GX 460

A recent survey done by Customer Reports brought out that 2010 Lexus GX 460 SUV has an increased risk of the vehicle rolling over during a turn. This has prompted Toyota to ask dealers to stop deliveries of the GX 460 Lexus. Toyota’s statements of pride in the Lexus brand as one that has, for over

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