New sales figures report

The first quarter of 2010 is full of surprises, after Toyota having reported an increase in sales, a new one is coming from Germany. Audi outsold Mercedes for the first time ever. While this is a surprise, the fact that BMW are still number one isn’t.

BMW 5 Series LWB- Long Wheelbase

Our subject from today, BMW 5 Series LWB or with long wheelbase is an alternative to the BMW 7 Series on the Chinese market. It is such a close alternative, from the dimensions point of view that it is hard not to confuse them. This BMW 5 Series LWB is not a global model, it’s [...]

Renderings of the BMW M5 F10

I have to say that when I saw for the first time these renderings, I had a question mark in my mind and I think so you do because your probably don’t understand why are these photos so realistic. Well, after interesting a little more about them, I found out that these photos are original [...]

Official Images: BMW 5 Series Touring F11

When it appeared for the first time one the market in 1991, BMW  5 Series Touring F11 the same like the most Break versions were a compromise from the space and comfort point of view which didn’t equal the sedan version at style, until now. The secret is that BMW Touring F11 isn’t more massive [...]

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