Nissan Leaf EV sales aren’t brilliant

Nissan are pretty pleased with themselves these days, but life is not exactly the nicest thing on Earth so they have to face the music. Despite recent unveiling of the facelifted version of their Leaf EV today and announcing the plan to auction off a GT-R in a couple of days, some bad news is [...]

Gumpert announces new investor and safe finances

Gumpert is a relatively new supercar maker that wants to stand up on its own and which didn’t fall into the trap of compromising vital aspects of their products in order to please reviewers. The German supercar maker is only concerned with engineering their car in such a way that it blows the opposition’s doors [...]

2013 Cadillac ATS gallery and future plans

Now that Cadillac have send the new 2013 ATS sedan into production, the Americans seem to have gotten things in order and their planning attention turned to a new place. Designing, engineering, arranging production and all that lot for the 2013 Cadillac ATS had a pretty serious target in its sights. It’s usually the BMW [...]

Nissan GTR in risk of being the last of its kind

There’s something easily described as trouble for a brand. It’s the finances. That’s what caused Nissan to move production of the Rogue crossover recently. But there’s something that could be trouble for a brand even if it actually ends up saving money. This is what can happen if these new rumors come true. There’s a [...]

Tesla reports massive fourth quarter losses

Like the Americans at Tesla aren’t very good with time. It seems like they’ve been riddled with delays and cancellations since forever. Despite this, when it comes to financial announcements they seem to have quite a firm grasp on the idea of making things sound good. Just a day after they announced the enormous success [...]

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