2013 Porsche 911 Carrera 4 and 4S introduced in Paris

Porsche scored big time at the Frankfurt Motor Show with their new 911. It was the most talked about car to be launched there. Odds are that the Paris Motor Show polling won’t be as successful for them. They did bring the 991 Porsche 911 there, but the only new thing on it was a [...]

Volkswagen Golf R gets U.S. pricing

Volkswagen’s greatest version of the Golf, the R, sees the light of day in its current iteration on U.S. soil and that means it finally gets an eagerly awaited price list. Naturally, sold as a 2012 model year car, the Volkswagen Golf R is the special, mental edition of the very popular hatchback and it [...]

Volkswagen kills of rumors regarding Polo R

The crew at Volkswagen definitely want a slice of the American market and I guess most of their efforts are focused on capturing it. This is the excuse I would imagine as being reasonable for them not developing a VW Polo R. Rumors or no rumors a four wheel drive Polo isn’t really a necessity.

The Mini Countryman shows off it’s price

It seems that the latest announcement to come from BMW’s Mini is a bit bland but does include some interesting figures. Most interesting of them all is the one that includes the price for the U.S. for a base model and some info on what will the options or superior trim levels set you back.

Volkswagen Golf R by Sport Wheels

The Volkswagen Golf, a nice car that went to being a great car with the GTI version and then went from great to even better in the R version. Now however, German tuning company Sport Wheels is offering a version of the new Golf that’s downright reckless.

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