Honda recalls around 7.000 CB500 and CBR500

It’s never a bright day when a manufacturer has to recall a huge number of vehicles due to various issues. And when those issues involve things like an improper bolt that might come loose under certain conditions, it is all that more frustrating. Still, most brands do their best to keep their products in top [...]

The Honda CG110

If I were ever asked what’s Honda’s best motorcycle ever, I’d be inclined to answer the Cub, a bike that was more than a means of transportation, it was a craze. Besides the low price, simple design and robust engineering, the small bike managed to get the attention of the world and sold out. Recently [...]

2014 Honda Valkyrie

If you like motorcycles produced by Honda, then chances are you might have heard of the F6B. Going from there, the 2014 updated version was supposed to bear the name F6C, but it seems that the manufacturer decided to go in a different direction, and so the Valkyrie was presented. Going only by the name, [...]

Honda loses $180 million in a surprising way

Financial reports from the automotive industry come with mixed responses but this here bit of news in relation to a situation from Honda. As it turns out, the Japanese have just lost $180 million on a certain part of their business.

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