2012 Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Roadster finally revealed

Jeremy Clarkson can now rejoice, his future favorite car, the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Roadster has just become a current model. Wearing a 2012 model year the convertible version of the flagship Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG has been officially revealed today and this time the pictures are better than the early peak we got.

Mercedes-Benz, the New York Auto Show and surprises

Sure, Japan’s auto industry and suppliers are suffering from tsunami effects but elsewhere in the world people are preparing themselves for events such as the New York Auto Show. Mercedes’ presence at this festivity is going to include a couple of hot creations that come from their AMG stable.

Geneva 2011: Mansory Cormeum ruins Mercedes SLS and more

Mansory is a German tuner that’s renown for making cars which have one thing that makes them stand out, they are incredibly ugly. After ruining the look of the Maserati GranTurismo S and the Range Rover among others.

Brabus imposes at Geneva with a 700HP Mercedes SLS AMG

Is true that the Geneva Motor Show alongside with almost all the important related events are especially designed for the big car manufacturers but not only for them. Tuning houses have a very important word to say and here is the latest proposal coming from the Brabus tuners. The German tuning house managed to rise [...]

Playboy announced the 2011 Cars of the Year winners

The well-known Playboy magazine decided to make its own top including several categories, the most important one being the Car of the Year, and this year, the award goes to Mercedes SLS AMG. Thus, the German supercar has been picked as the hottest car launched this year, getting the big prize – the Car of [...]

Mercedes SLS 63 Supersport, Kicherer’s latest creation

The Germans from Kicherer well-known for their appetite to create tuning kits for Mercedes models reveals the SLS 63 Supersport package developed of course for the Mercedes SLS AMG supercar. Under the bonnet the German tuners succeeded to rise the power of the model to 610 horsepower and 670 Nm of torque mainly due to [...]

Brabus Mercedes SLS AMG Widestar

The Mercedes SLS AMG has been around for a while and although it hasn’t yet been sold in massive numbers the tuning community are already working on it. The 2010 Essen Motor Show is just the place for a tuner to show off something like this in style.

Mercedes brought the SLS AMG Night Black at Sydney

Mercedes decided to reveal a concept model that seems likely to be a future limited edition of the SLS AMG supercar. Named “Night Black” the German model features a matte black finish at the exterior and from the first information it might be designed for the Australian market only. While the modifications suffered by the [...]

Swiss tuner FAB Design improved the SLS AMG

The Swiss people from FAB Design managed to create a tuning kit for the Mercedes’ SLS AMG. The supercar from Stuttgart received few exterior aesthetic improvements but more significant some upgrades under the hood. The details are still limited but we know that the German supercar is able to develop now thanks to FAB Design [...]

600hp Mercedes SLS AMG tuning kit by Domanig

Do you see something red over here? Maybe too much red? I don’t know what to say, your opinion should help. Well, the tuners at Domanig have thought that this would be a hot tuning kit so the Mercedes’ SLS AMG supercar received a bright red bodypaint and also 20-inch (front) and 21-inch (rear) rims [...]

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