Chevrolet Camaro NASCAR racer unveiled

Sport of the simpletons, can’t hold a candle to Formula 1, a mindless motor sport that’s all about crashing, one where progress doesn’t seem to happen. Yep, that’s the typical description of a NASCAR event but the fans have the sort of attitude that kind of makes people not want to speak Nascar ill. Just [...]

Ford Focus Electric has a first with NASCAR

Ford have just announced that the electric version of their Focus hatchback is about to make history in the popular sport of NASCAR. Before tofu eaters get to excited and, most of all, before rednecks are going to start beating their wives over how good ol’ fashin’ V8s are dying, the car won’t be racing. [...]

Chevrolet Camaro sent into the NASCAR and charity business

As far as the Chevrolet Camaro SS is concerned it was always the lean and aggressive looking one of the muscle cars which is why it’s a bit of a surprise to see it painted in pink. It’s actually not a question of sexual confusion, GM’s pony car actually took this less than flattering look [...]

McLaren will supply NASCAR in 2012

In what’s something rather unexpected from McLaren, the high performance British company has turned its attention towards Nascar. They’ve done so that much that starting Nascar’s 2012 season, the brits at McLaren will be seen on the supplier lists.

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