July 13, 2024

2011 Audi A8 will offer Wi-Fi connectivity

2011 Audi A8

If you’re the sort of person who is considering a big luxury saloon but hasn’t found one that’ll keep the kids quiet Audi’s A8 may be just what you’re looking for.

2011 Audi A8
2011 Audi A8 and the Apple iPad

Why is that? Well, mostly due to the fact that the 2011 Audi A8 will be the first car in the world to offer an optional factory-installed WLAN hotspot for Wi-Fi access. With this in mind, your kids will be quietly browsing the web, downloading apps for their iPads and such or maybe even play some MMORPGs on their laptops.

In the mean time you will be able to enjoy a nice comfortable ride, supreme silence or thee excellent 4.2 liter FSI V8 engine producing 372 horsepower and 328 lb-ft of torque at it’s peak.

On a more serious note, business men might enjoy this more than the kids since the speed cap of 7.2 Mbps isn’t completely suitable for downloading and serious stuff. Once you’ve got your Audi A8 and your optional extra the driver needs to insert a data-capable SIM card into the Bluetooth online car phone. Alternatively, an Internet connection can be established via Bluetooth by using a compatible mobile phone with a SIM Access Profile. Any existing mobile phone contract can be used for this.

All this is made possible through a rooftop antenna of the Audi A8 via the car’s own UMTS module. This enables the most connection stability with great reception quality.

2011 Audi A8 2011 Audi A8 2011 Audi A8

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