May 25, 2024
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2019 VW T-Cross SUV Officially Launched

Volkswagen has officially released the brand-new 2019 Cross today, after many teaser campaigns, the model representing the company`s smallest SUV to receive a new platform and design cues from its bigger siblings.

The new 2019 will be mainly available in Europe, Asia and some countries in the South America. Unfortunately, the US customers won`t be able to enjoy the lovely and appealing model.

As we can depict from the media gallery below, the 2019 VW T-Cross is a combination of SUVs. At the front, for instance, it resembles the Touareg – only in miniature – with rather the same grille blending into the headlights, while the side`s character line looks like borrowed from the Tiguan. The taillights however are genuine and are linked by a light strip which enhances the car`s wider size.

Inside, the cabin doesn’t impress much, except for the new steering wheel and the some trims. Otherwise, the dashboard and the rest is inspired from the new VW Polo. From a high-tech perspective though, the new 2019 VW T-Cross brings forward the latest systems, like infotainment with inductive smartphone charging, four USB ports and a few more.

As aforementioned, the 2019 VW T-Cross is the smallest SUV in the Group`s lineup, however, it does offer generous space inside, and that is because of the MQB platform it stands on. Overall, it measures 4,11 meters long and has a 2.56-meter wheelbase. We have got plenty of room for all passengers, especially for the rear passengers if we slide down the rear seat. It thus gains around 140 mm of space and maximizes boot volume and legroom.

The trunk of the SUV also comes with a luggage capacity between 385 liters and 455 liters if we keep all seats in place. However, with the rear seats folded down, you expand the size to 1,281 liters, which is quite impressive.

From a safety perspective, the new T-Cross has also been fitted with the company`s most advanced systems. We are looking here at standard features like Blind Spot Detection with Integrated Rear Traffic Alert, Front Assist with Pedestrian Monitoring and City Emergency Braking System, Proactive Occupant Protection System, Hill Start Assist, and Lane Assist – all coming as standard. Optionally, you can also get the Driver Alert System, or Automatic Adaptive Cruise Control and Park Assist.

Under the hood, the 2019 VW T-Cross comes with three gasoline engines and one diesel burners with four turbochargers. Two of them are 1.0-liter TSI three-cylinder engines with 94 horsepower and 115 horsepower, while the top of the line refers to a 1.5-liter TSI flat-four with 148 horsepower. The diesel refers to a 1.6-liter TDI with 94 horsepower.

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