April 13, 2024
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Algae-based batteries

Algae-based Batteries

In elementary school, some of you might have had the chance to use a potato to power various electrical devices.

Still, you can’t just drive around in your Prius with a trunk full of potatoes. That little experiment just proves that plants can be used as a power source, if we find some way to refine the tech.

Algae-based Batteries
Algae-based Batteries

Well, Adam Freeman along with alGAS thinks that they found the solution, and present to the world their algae based battery packs. According to their finds, these new batteries are 200 times more energy dense than the run of the mill lithium-ion version we are so used to.

And there is absolutely no downside to this: not only is it an ecological way to produce electricity, but it can even be considered a source of oxygen. The only impediment right now would be figuring out how to make and install them on cars to make sure they get all the sunlight they need (they are alive, after all).

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