June 18, 2024

Australia: 2018 Hyundai i30N – Prices Start at $39,990

There is no doubt that the all-new i30N from Hyundai is considered one of the hottest hatches on the market, the beautiful model comprising technology at its finest and worthy performance. However, all these come at high prices.

Even so, if you want to have such an extraordinary model parked just outside your house, the South Korean based carmaker decided to release a cheaper variant that would make it more accessible for customers on particular markets.

In Australia for instance, Hyundai introduced an entry-level version of the i30N, which will be available locally starting this April. Prices start at $39,990 and is considered extremely convenient, given the plethora of high-tech gadgetries and rater the same performance figures. More than that, it is $2,000 cheaper than its direct competitor, the new Volkswagen Golf GTi.

At this price, customers will be able to enjoy plenty of new accessories inside the cabin, along with plenty of power and torque under the hood. Speaking of which, Albert Biermann, which is the former chief of BMW`s M division, has also addressed some words, stating that:

“The Hyundai i30 N has been developed for no other purpose than to deliver maximum driving fun to our customers in an accessible high-performance package. With the high-performance N models we will enhance our brand’s appeal with emotional products that cater to the needs of people who love to have a smile on their face when they drive their car on a winding road and listen to the sound of the engine.”

Besides the new limited-slip differential or bi-modal exhaust system, the 2018 Hyundai i30N can also be had with a luxury package, with features including smart-key and start button, wireless phone charging, rear privacy glass, parking assist, optional panoramic glass sunroof, 12-way power front seats with driver`s side memory, extendable front cushion for passengers seats and so on.

Down Under, the entry-level i30N will feature a 2.0-liter turbocharged flat-four engine, with 202 kW and 353 Nm of torque, which is significant than the 184 kW variant offered on other markets.

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