April 25, 2024
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Spare yourself from the sorrows of a stolen car. Learn all about it.

If you love your precious car way too much, then you must stay ahead of thieves and robbers. We are going to teach you how and what is it that you’ll do to outsmart the thieves and prevent your car from being stolen.

Where are your keys?

It is always better to be safe than sorry. Many people never consider the chances of their car being stolen unless it’s too late. You must never be careless about your car keys. Never. It might seem like a smart move to hide a key under some part of your car, but this skilful act is now that something every thief knows. Yes, there are chances of you getting locked out of your car but isn’t it better than your car being stolen? We ask you to never do such a thing. Be responsible for the location of your car keys.

Lock it everytime you step out.

You might have bought your car at high discounts and ended up saving a lot of money but that smile of yours of owning a vehicle where you ended up getting a great car at cheap rate will be wiped right off the second you forget to lock the doors. You can’t do such a thing. Statistics show most people, whose car gets stolen, forget to lock the doors of their car.

Check, check and check again.

Your car is your prized possession. You can’t bear the thought of it getting even a tiny scratch. Imagine the pain you’ll feel when it has vanished. You must make sure you have locked your car. Check once. Check twice and go ahead and check the third time. It’s never a bad decision to check whether it is locked or not. The modern-day car gives a sign to the user whether or not it is locked, make sure you never miss the signal.

When cars lock after the button is pressed on the key, they make a sound which is similar to a metal click. Some cars often give a visual indication by flashing lights. You must wait for these indications before you walk away. If you fail to hear or see the indications whether your car is locked or not it can be a sign you’re being targeted. Thieves often damage the locking system of a car so that when the owner walks away thinking it is locked, they can steal it. So, we ask you to check it before you leave.

Safe park, safe car.

You must never park your car in a neighbourhood or locality where there are high chances of car theft (Tips to keep your car safe on the road ). The question that arises here is cars do get stolen from parking lots of posh areas. Yes, they do.

● If you happen to be somewhere near your home, try to park somewhere that is an occupied building and is closer to your place.
● In case you’re out shopping. Try to find a spot that is amidst other cars. A car that is parked alone in a corner has more chances of getting stolen than the one that seats with other cars.
● Dark places to park your car is never a good choice. If you’re going to be away from your car for a longer duration park it somewhere that has enough street light.
● Visual contact. If you’re out on dinner, choose a place for parking from where you can spot your car. If you don’t have an ideal window seat in the diner someone else will be able to spot something fishy going on.

Valuables don’t belong inside a locked car.

If you provoke thieves by leaving your valuables inside the car, they will break in. Your purse, phone or any other belonging doesn’t need to be on the seats of the car if you’re not in it. We suggest taking everything with you when you leave.

Never make the mistake of keeping your car running.

It might take way too much time for your car to start on a snowy winter morning but isn’t it better to be late to wherever you’re headed than to run to the police station to lodge a complaint against a stolen car? if you are not in it. It is a bad move, and it will result in something that you’ll deeply regret later on.

Make use of modernisation.

If you’re planning to own a car, make sure you check out the offers and deals at . They often have a sale going on, and you might end up getting great deals. If you already own a car make sure you act smart by activating all the security measures already inbuilt in your car. Apart from locking your doors make sure you secure the steering wheel as well. Might cost you a bit of money but it is way better than buying a new car. Activate tracking device inside your car. If your scariest dream comes true at least, the police will be able to track it back. We suggest you put CCTV cameras in your driveways as well. This will put your mind at ease and keep your car safe.

These are the simplest ways one can protect his or her car from the hands of the thieves. Make sure you never miss out any of it.

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