May 18, 2024

Auto Motor und Sport awards Fiat’s TwinAir engine

The Italians from Fiat recently received the “Paul Pietsch” award for the TwinAir engine firstly introduced last year on the little Fiat 500. The TwinAir engine has a displacement of just 0.9-liters but it is able to offer a fuel consumption of 4.1 l/100 km, CO2 emissions of 95 g/km and a total power amount of 85 horses.

Fiat TwinAir engine
Fiat TwinAir engine

Fiat Powertrain Technologies has been awarded with the “Paul Pietsch” award by the Germans from Auto Motor und Sport at an event held in Stuttgart. Aldo Marangoni accepted the “Paul Pietsch” award given for Fiat’s TwinAir engine which was characterized as a great unit benefiting from innovative technology able to provide both low CO2 emissions and good fuel consumption.

The two-cylinder unit developed by Fiat is using a MultiAir hydraulic valve management system as well as a turbocharger to ensure enough power. This proved to be the best recipe for a unit to equip a small model as the Fiat 500.

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