June 20, 2024
Bentley Luxury Cars

Bentley Plans Luxurious Mulsanne EV for China Market

China is well-known for its extravagance for luxurious and long-wheelbase models from top car manufacturers, but the Asian market is also “famous” for pollution issues that affect hundreds of millions of people.

This is why it is now struggling to develop effective laws that would encourage the import of fuel-efficient cars, especially of all-electric vehicles that would minimize the pollution issues.

In this regard, Bentley is already planning to introduce an extremely luxurious EV based on the top of the line Mulsanne. The news was not confirmed yet, but a recent report from Autocar suggests such an idea.

Autocar interviewed Hans Holzgartner, marketing manager at Bentley Mulsanne, who also hinted at the idea of a Mulsanne EV in China, stating that “the indication is that full electric will be the only way that you`ll get into some of the cities in China.”

He also stated that the idea of introducing an electric vehicle in China will be well-received, as an “electric [powertrain] is much better suited to bigger, heavier, smoother saloon cars than sports cars.” Even so, a Mulsanne EV must not spoil the fun of driving a genuine Bentley model.

But before launching a EV model in China, the carmaker has to wait for the Chinese government to implement the proposed laws that would partially eliminate diesel or petrol powered vehicles in some of its most important cities, otherwise this would be just dust in the wind for the British manufacturer with other carmakers interested to launch electric vehicles on the Asian country.

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