July 13, 2024
BMW Tuning

BMW X6 M wearing Vorsteiner clothing

Vorsteiner BMW X6 M

I am a BMW fan but I reckon that even so, I will almost never come to terms with the way the BMW X6 looks.

Vorsteiner BMW X6 M
Vorsteiner BMW X6 M

It’s so unnatural, it’s like a Swedish bikini model that’s taken up bodybuilding. If I were ever to like some sort of “evening gown” in which it’d look good it would almost certainly be this one.

The current aero package we have here is the creation of German tuning specialist Vorsteiner. This particular aero package also has a name and that’ll be the VRS Aero Package.

It just seems that the Germans are hopeless at branding because that sounds like something you expect to find on a factory VW. They are good at engineering though so the Voresteiner BMW X6 M is ready to cut through the air cleaner and faster.

The new Vorsteiner aero pack includes a new front spoiler which not only channels more air to the brakes and engine but also pushes the car deeper into the ground.

Other aero tweaks from Vorsteiner include a new hood that’s lighter and a carbon fiber diffuser for the rear.

The addon bits are thankfully limited to a rear deck lid spoiler and a set of forged mono-block aluminum alloys which look stunning.

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