April 24, 2024

Cadillac will use ultrasonic welding on their ELR

Ultrasonic Welding

Not long ago, Cadillac announced their ELR electric vehicle, and they were mighty proud of making the first EV with all LED exterior lighting.

While this might not be news in the automotive industry, Cadillac deemed it worth bragging about, and they didn’t stop there.

Ultrasonic Welding
Ultrasonic Welding

Now they have announced that they will be using aerospace technology in producing the battery packs for their ELR. To be more precise, they will be using ultrasonic welding when building the energy storage devices.

Using this technology on all the 200 welds needed for each battery, Cadillac claims to have complied with some high standards of quality. As a result, the life time of each battery pack is extended to eight years or around 100.000 miles.

Ultrasonic welding is a first for the car making industry, and while it is high quality, was it really necessary for the ELR Cadillac, or is it just another sell point for the manufacturer?

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