June 15, 2024

Caterham to use Suzuki engine for their entry level Seven

Caterham Seven teaser

It seems that British car makers are making huge strides towards expanding their vehicle lineup.

It is quite a good thing, although we can’t be certain if their well being is the reason behind it or they are clinging to some hopes of revitalizing their brands.

Caterham Seven teaser
Caterham Seven teaser

Caterham has huge plans for their products. Besides the bold move of expanding their vehicle fleet with an all new sedan and crossover, they also decided to offer more variants for their iconic Seven model. They have already confirmed and entry level Seven, but details were vague at best.

Now the British car maker announces some more news about the model. It seems they chose Suzuki to provide the powerhouse. Displacing just 660 cc and running on three cylinders, the engine is designed to keep down the overall weight of the vehicle, a vehicle that will be the lightest Seven yet.

More that the make and displacement we don’t really know anything about the unit, but performance figures are sure to surface soon. Oh, and we also get the teaser photo above.

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