May 20, 2024
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Carvana offers used cars online


Not all of the motorists afford to buy a brand new vehicle for lack of funds, but there are plenty options even for those people.

The latest comes from Carvana, that came up with a very neat idea.


If you ever bought an used car before, you know the risks involved with the purchase. Not only will you have to carefully inspect the car for damaged parts, but there is also the haggling that usually precedes a sale. And not everybody has a taste for that.

But what if you could avoid haggling and could buy an used car online, with the possibility of inspecting it from the comfort of your home? That is exactly what the guys from Carvana were thinking when they setup the whole business. Each car they sell is photographed and a digital 360 model is created on their website. On this model, any flaws with the car are outlined and buyers can make an informed decision without ever leaving their home.

And the advantages keep on rolling in. With no need for sales staff, the prices of vehicles is on average $1.500 cheaper than the competition’s. Carvana also promises your money back within a week of purchase if you consider you made a mistake. On top of that, add a 100 day warranty for all vehicles, and the company is sure to take off.

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