May 22, 2024
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CH Auto Aculeus Concept From China

CH Auto is basically a design studio from China which recently presented at Beijing Auto Show 2010 e very interesting concept, I’m talking about CH Auto Aculeus. This is not the first apparition of CH Auto, two years ago they presented to the world a concept called Scorpio, very close to a Ferrari from the design point of view.

Now the Chinese people are coming back on with the new Aculeus concept, which doesn’t look like a Ferrari anymore, but with a Maserati. The name is quite interesting, “aculeus” if you didn’t know is the needle from the scorpion tale, but still, this concept remains in the family. Even if we talk about a concept which is strictly a show-car, Aculeus has a motorization.

For a car that will always stay in the spotlights, Aculeus concept has huge power under the hood, a V8 engine to be more specific, at 4.8 liters capacity being able to develop 367 horsepower, taken from a BMW X5. The car design is decent, close to the public taste, better than the coupes exposed by Geely at Chinese Showroom.

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