April 20, 2024

Chevrolet reports unexpected sales in Europe in the previous year

Chevrolet Spark managed to obtain a market share of 2,5% in Europe in the previous year being the best selling model of the Americans in Europe. The second place is taken by Chevrolet Cruze which has been introduced later than Spark. While we don’t know the exactly number of units sold in 2010 by Chevrolet, the Americans provided some figures never reached before, namely, they managed to get the biggest European market share in December last year, 3,0%.


Chevrolet’s plans for 2011 are even bigger, two new models following to be introduced soon in Europe, we talk about the already famous Corvette Grand Sport and Camaro, two models loved in US but still unavailable in Europe.

The new Chevrolet Volt hybrid will enter the European market this year in order to extend the range together with the new Captiva. Even it is a small class model, Chevrolet Spark managed to rank fourth in its segment with a market share of about 7%, but once again we have to remind that we talk about Europe.

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