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Citroen DS3 undertakes a styling exercise

Citroen DS3 Orla Kiely

A lot has been said about the Citroen DS3, a lot of words have been uttered and a lot of praise came around to being written in regards to its looks.

Citroen DS3 Orla Kiely
Citroen DS3 Orla Kiely

Somehow, that wasn’t enough for the French. Citroen just leaped one more step forward in terms of styling for their DS3.

What we have here is simple, the French refuse to be second to anybody in terms of fashion.

Enter Orla Kiely, a famous Irish designer, based in London, who agreed to share some of her detailing in floral paths to Citroen’s quirky little hatchback.

Citroen DS3 Orla Kiely
Citroen DS3 Orla Kiely

This is how the Citroen DS3 really went to town in terms of fashion. Citroen will still be making their “ready to wear” DS3, but they will add a selection of 500 “couture” units which have been brushed up by Orla Kiely herself.

The Citroen DS3 Orla Kiely edition will be painted in one of four different colors with four different roof designs. The roof designs is where everything turns special and limited edition like as that’s where you’ll see Orla Kiely’s signature stem or acorn design.

Citroen DS3 Orla Kiely
Citroen DS3 Orla Kiely

The same texture will be noted on the interior and on the rear tailgate of the limited edition Citroen DS3. Several other details will show you exactly how much of a limited edition this is as the car features new 17 inch wheels and new mirror covers but overall you have to have a bit of taste to notice those.

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  • lyndsey Eason January 18, 2011

    Just when you thought the DS3 couldn’t look any better, Citroen release the Orla Kiely design range! As I work in a Citroen dealership, I can not wait for the release of this in Febuary 2011!

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