April 22, 2024
Auto Shows Smart

Smart ForJeremy is ready to wow Los Angeles

I imagine Jeremy Clarkson’s email inbox blew up today since a new car is about to be introduced that is called the Smart ForJeremy. The British car reviewer will have to constantly reply to the idea saying he’s got nothing to do with it. Further more, he probably really hates this. Not only is the

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Smart Tuning

Smart ForTwo Cabrio done in Boxfresh styling

It is rare that people don’t customize their very own Smart ForTwo. As a car that is aimed at environmentalists and fashionistas alike, owners tend to reflect their strong opinionated nature in the appearance of the Smart they own. What is rare however is when tuning companies or other such endeavors actually take the time

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Gucci styles up the Fiat 500

We all know the Fiat 500 is nothing other than a Fiat Panda dressed up as a fashion accessory. It’s in this sort of environment that you know you can’t afford to fall behind. That’s why, in preparation for the 2011 Geneva Motor Show, Fiat will make the 500 even more fashionable by employing the

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Citroen DS3 undertakes a styling exercise

A lot has been said about the Citroen DS3, a lot of words have been uttered and a lot of praise came around to being written in regards to its looks. Somehow, that wasn’t enough for the French. Citroen just leaped one more step forward in terms of styling for their DS3.

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Graphics are getting big on the automotive market

After Ford sort of chipped away at the welcome and acceptance of graphics into the world of production cars with the 2011 Ford F-150 SVT Raptor other manufacturers steadily step into this area. It seems that now Nissan is interested in the whole graphics bit available to the public via automotive manufacturers.

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BMW Mini

Life Ball event sees the Mini get a makeover from the fashion world

The biggest HIV/AIDS charity event in Europe isn’t very far away as it is scheduled to take place in Vienna on 17th July 2010 and within the program there will be a raffle with profits being sent of to funds for the cause at hand. The winners of this raffle will be getting a pretty

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Audi shows off custom versions of the A1

Audi have got something special in store for their A1 supermini as they are preparing it for this year’s edition of the Wörthersee GTI Tour. The Wörthersee GTI Tour will take place in Reifnitz, Austria, on May 12 and that’s when we will see the revealing of the seven Audi A1 custom made.

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General Motors

GM opens design studio in South Korea

General Motors has announced today that they will be opening a new design studio in the capital city of the Republic of Korea, Seoul. The studio will be based just out of Seoul’s Gangnam area, which is considered to be the most stylish part of Korea’s capital, quite a fitting image for a designs studio

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Fiat 500 C Diesel is going to Japan

In recent developments Fiat’s diesel engines have brought major benefits to Chrysler. The 500 C Diesel edition however is a totally different story. The Diesel edition of the Fiat 500 C doesn’t refer to the engine under the bonnet but to an alliance between Fiat and Diesel, the Italian denim ware label.

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