July 24, 2024

Citroen E-MEHARI Kicks Off, Hits Dealerships in Spring 2016

When I first laid my eyes on this strange-looking car, my thoughts were at a Cactus convertible city car, but I immediately realized that it was all about the long-rumored and recently unveiled E-MEHARI model.

Indeed, at first, it was previewed by the Cactus M Concept, the model now being based on the Bollore Bluesummer convertible, which belongs to the carmaker`s partner Bollore Group.

More than that, the Citroen E-MEHARI does come with some Cactus-like features at the front fascia, along with a plastic body cladding or the standout rims. Other features that make the model unique are the silver windscreen, removable roof as well as the thermoformed plastic body.

Inside, the cabin can be ordered with a wide choice of colors and high-end materials, like beige or orange-red upholstery, along with some cool options, such as folding rear bench seat as well as the waterproof plastic-coated fabric.

Since we are dealing here with a city car, the Citroen E-MEHARI packs an electric motor and a 30 kWh battery, developing 67 horsepower and coming with mile range of a good 200 km just on a single charge. The battery is recharged in eight hours with a standard 16A socket or 13 hours with a 10A socket.

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