April 23, 2024
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Continental to offer tread depth monitoring

Continental Tire Tread Depth Monitoring System

Technology is advancing steadily, and each day brings something new, be it a good idea or not.

Continental announced they wish to bring to the automotive industry a tire tread depth monitoring system.

Continental Tire Tread Depth Monitoring System
Continental Tire Tread Depth Monitoring System

As if we didn’t have enough lights in the dashboard to worry about. This system will basically alert you when the tread on your tires are too shallow to provide proper grip. In time, every tire wears out, and depending on your driving style, this might happen sooner or later.

It is a sane practice to check up you tires from time to time, but to go so far as to put sensors in the tires to monitor their status seems a bit of an overkill. After all, it’s an operation that takes you a couple minutes, and that’s if you want to be thorough. As far as I am concerned, Continental invented something absolutely useless, but it will sell nevertheless.

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