June 18, 2024
Mini Tuning

CoverEFX decided the Mini Cooper JCW needs some bling

CoverEFX Mini JCW

CoverEFX is a German tuning firm who needs to stand out in this business.

CoverEFX Mini JCW
CoverEFX Mini JCW

In a tradition inspired by Lamborghini, in order to do so, they decided to offer a maximum amount of bling for the car they chose to tune.

This sort of stuff really disgusts me. I think this sort of car is only suitable for a specific amount of people and I hate them all.

Even so, the CoverEFX tuning version of the Mini is based on the John Cooper Works we already covered here.

CoverEFX Mini JCW
CoverEFX Mini JCW

If you manage to take away the look of hate felt by me for this thing, you find there’s quite a lot of excellent modifications.

The Germans stuffed the Mini JCW pack with an ECU upgrade, a 2.5-inch exhaust system with Milltek downpipe and they’ve replaced the standard catalytic converter with a sports one.

A new air filter is also labeled with the sport branding and all these changes mean that you get the Mini’s little 1.6 liter twin scroll turbocharged engine to churn out 236 horsepower and 350 Nm of torque.

CoverEFX Mini JCW
CoverEFX Mini JCW

If, however, you want your underpinnings to be as crazy as the exterior of this Mini cooper tuning job you can get yourself the Stage II kit.

CoverEFX offers 252 horsepower and 382 Nm for the Stage II kit and add they raise that with a short shift kit for the gearbox.

The last of the changes available is a stainless steel KW Variant 3 suspension to make your facial expression when going over a bump feel the same as the stupid exterior look of this car.

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